About Us

Troll Punjabi is the most loved production house popular in Punjab. The production house has delivered awesome content so far like web-series – Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree, Season 1 & Season 2, mini-series – How To Be Hit Punjabi Singer, and many new in the list are coming soon.

TRoll Punjabi

In 2012, started as a Facebook page by Rabby Tiwana, Troll Punjabi came out as the most popular name among the meme and troll pages in North Indian states. After realizing the response, Rabby decided to register this name as the production house with an aim to deliver quality content in the Punjabi language.

We are available on various digital platforms:
Website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

With a subscribed audience base of over 5 million and viewership of over 30 million, we are the leading digital content creator in the Punjabi language.

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