Happy Birthday Amrinder Gill: Listen To These fresh Old Evergreen Songs of Legend

One of the most popular actors, singer and producer of Punjabi Entertainment is Amrinder Gill. Today’s the singer cum actors birthday and we can’t skip our day without sharing the beautiful evergreen songs of him. As he has many hit tracks in his kitty, so we will share with you the oldest and best track.

So scroll down and listen to this beautiful melody.

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2 Number

amrinder gill
2 number amrinder gill

For all the Punjabi music fans, you must have listened song ‘2 Number’ sung by Amrinder Gill. To the one who want to dedicate some good music to your girlfriend then you can definitely save this song for her.

Sahan Ton Nere

sahan to nere amrinder gill

A decade ago this song was released and still loved by the audience. To the new youth who hasn’t still listened to this song, can surely earmark this music to your beloved.

Ki Samjhayie

ki samjhayie amrinder gill
A clip from his song ‘Ki Samjhayie’

In this song, pure love was shown in the video where Gill and the blind girl were in love. So, we can not only dedicate this song but also inspired by this song.


neendran amrinder gill

One more bashing love song of Amrinder is ‘Neendran’ from the movie Happy Go Lucky, Which is again you can listen and send them to your sweethearts.


dildariyan amrinder gill

Again a decade ago this along was released. It’s still in the nerve of every 90s kid. The song is still fresh and while we listen to it the same feelings awake like before. So yeah! We can honestly say it’s one of the best and evergreen song of singer Amrinder Gill.

Sochan Vich Tu

amrinder gill best old songs
sochan vich tu amrinder gill

For ‘Rusi Nu Manaun Vaste’ you can dedicate the song ‘Sochan Vicj Tu’. Your girl will agree to this song. It might be a creepy but also a cute number.


Sorry for this. But the ones who just had their breakups can add this to your playlist. The performance of Gill is tremendous, you cannot even identify his look.


amrinder gill best old songs
judaa amrinder gill

The album Judaa was a big hit to Amrinder. The song is special to everyone. Again for the breakups, you can put it in your list. If we listen to this song might be we remember our first teenage breakup.


amrinder gill best old songs

For all the Punjabi Fukrey, this peppy number was made. In the song, it seems like the artist has full confidence in his look and personality which every girl can relate to the boys who follow them.


amrinder gill best old song

The song will take you back to the days when you wish that your partner is with you. But yeah you were dreaming about him/her.

So this is all about Amrinder Gill’s best old music. He is one of the legendary artists and singer who provides us with the actual meaning of music and lyrics.

So on the occasion of his birthday. Team Troll Punjabi wish actor-Singer Amrinder Gill a happy and healthy life ahead.

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