Small Town Boy with Big Dreams; Amrit Amby’s latest interview

Actor Amrit Amby struggled in his life of being an actor and has established his fan based not only in Punjab but in North India too. He has one show on PTC, two web series, three movies in his kitty- Ek Kahani, Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree, How to become a hit Punjabi singer, Zora. Also, Zindagi Zindabad and Qismat 2 are coming soon.

People know him as Laali from most loved Punjabi web series Yaar Jigree Kasooti Dergree. He is thankful to his family who supported him every time and inspired him to chase his dreams. Scroll down to read this latest interview of Amrit Amby and know more about him.

Amrit Amby latest interview is as follows:

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Your genre

When I started theatre, I loved comic roles but after the character of Laali in Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree I like to play challenging roles, so we can say that I am versatile now.

Big break

Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree, it gave me everything.

Dream project

They are unlimited but I want to work so hard, step by step I want to act in Bollywood then in Hollywood. I don’t want to stop, as I want to stay in this field so I want to make an effort to work with legendary actors like Ammy Virk, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Pankaj Tripathi and Irrfan (but unfortunately he is not alive). Still, I think that I am achieving what I dream as I did my debut with Ammy Virk recently.

Upcoming projects

Zindagi Zindabad which was about to release before. But due to Coronavirus, the date extended and Qismat 2.

When do you realize that you wanna be an actor?

I acted once in my school and enjoyed it but never thought to carry it forward. I realized it when I was doing my masters. I won many prizes at the national level. Also, the character of Laali taught me so much and made me realize that I have to learn so much to reach the top level. In fact, I thought that in Season 1 of YJKD I can’t act well in the first five episodes. So yes I realize it late but ‘Better Late Than Never’.

If not actor then what

Then Punjabi teacher (laughs)

Embarrassing moment

Still waiting for that kind of moment. LOL. There are many weird moments but I don’t remember any embarrassing moments.

Best & Worst purchase

Best: Four years ago I went to Jammu. There I saw one jacket which I like the most but one of my friends confused me and I dropped that jacket but when I came home I regretted it so much and thought if I saw it somewhere I would definitely buy it. And a few days back I saw the same jacket and I bought it. I think that is best I remember.

Worst: A few years back I ordered some clothes online. It was worthless, I can’t even return it. I still recognize the shirt was so loose that three people could fit in it and the pants were so short that a baby could wear it. So I gave it to my Mess wale Bhaiya. I don’t trust online shopping.

Never leave home without

I always carry my phone everywhere 

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Healthy snack you munch on

I don’t know what to say but ‘Ghar Ka Khana‘, I just love it. I was in a shoot and was bored with the food which was being served, so I called my friend and asked him to bring a meal from home. I think that is the healthiest and delicious food. Other than this I always depend too much on peanuts and some dry fruits.

What’s your biggest screw up in the kitchen?

During Lockdown I made a Rogan Josh, I saw the recipe from YouTube and I followed every step but in the end it wasn’t looking good. Also, one day I cooked black pepper chicken and my dad didn’t like it. I remember both the times my dad scolded me. (laughs)

What will be your reaction if your followers disappear overnight?

I will be shocked at how a hacker can hack another hacker’s account and obviously sad. Because it’s very difficult to regain the trust of people.

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How do you see YJKD in making your career?

I am really grateful to the whole team and specially director Rabby Tiwana to see something and thought that I can fit in this character. Before YJKD I was doing small roles but after being Laali, people know me, it was the turning point in my life. It gave a push to my talent. Moreover, the cool thing is people don’t call me by my name Amrit but call me as Laali. I feel proud during that time.

You came to play acting with and against your teacher. Did you face any difficulty?

Yes, sometimes. It’s really nice that I work with my Ustaad Sukhee Patran Sir. If I need some advice I ask from him. I love working under his guidance. But there was one scene in YJKD. I was acting against him and was saying some bad things. He reacted very emotionally to that situation and we both actually cried during that scene.

Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety ?

While shooting YJKD, I never felt it because everyone was working as a family and we know each other so it was not like we were shooting something, it was that we were normally chatting. But when I shot other movies, initially I failed to deliver my best performance and was a bit nervous but after knowing the team, and started understanding the character I managed to be comfortable on sets.

What is the craziest thing one of your teachers has done to you?

They are innumerable. If I say craziest then I still recall one moment, I was giving my exam and using chits, my teacher saw me and caught me red-handed. He then snatch the answer sheet and didn’t gave it back after the exam he collected all the sheets and going from stairs. I remember (laughs) I hold his leg and asked him to return my sheet so that I could complete my exam. He was not giving it back but when I was not leaving his leg unfortunately he has to. So yeah it was kooky moment. Also I was scolded many times.

Describe yourself in three to five words..

Too Sensitive to handle the emotional situation, funny and a person who does someone’s heart good. 

How do you handle your stress situation?

By talking to my friend Kamal and Pawan or my sister. And if there is something which I can’t tell anyone then I go for a walk and give some time to refresh my mind.

Lalli vs Amby

Everything is the same mostly like helping nature, same guilt and sadness, spread smile. But like Laali, I am not a drug addict. 

Last words

Lastly, I want to say people need not worry about life, follow your passion, do something which makes you happy. Work hard, only success will follow you. 

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So, that’s it with this interesting conversation with Amrit Amby, stay in touch to know more about other artists. Hope you like this interview with our Laali. Leave a comment and let us know which artist you want to read about next.

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