You Will Only Realize These Things, If You Date a Punjabi Guy

Punjabiyan di gal hi hor hundi ae, you will realize it when you date a Punjabi guy. It’s every girl’s dream to date a Punjabi boy for once in a lifetime. They are best known for their bindass and loving nature. What better than having these qualities in your boyfriend and becoming a Punjabi girl too.

13 benefits of dating a Punjabi guy.

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1. Never leave you alone

It is the foremost and major quality of Punjabi boys that they never leave you alone when you need them or you are in any trouble. They are a sweetheart and devoted, which makes them more adoring.

2. Chill-Pill Nature

If you meet a Punjabi guy you will see that they are tension free and will make you the same if you will spend some time with them. They will never create any situation awkwardly. Also, you will not feel uneasy when they invite you for dinner at his place. Yeah! You definitely have to meet with his parents. I bet you will remember the movie ‘Jab We Met’ when it will happen to you. 

3. Pro at Dancing

You will only realize these things when you date a Punjabi Guy. If a Punjabi cannot do the Bhangra then I don’t think so he is actually a Punjabi. So if a guy can do the Bhangra he can do anything. Therefore, He will be the perfect party animal and sometimes you will realize that he can dance better than you do. 

4. Family Man

You will surely understand that he is not always into the party or with his friends, he’s also a family kinda person who loves his family and this quality will clearly make you fall for him. So like any girl, the family is important for guys too.

5. Don’t stay angry for too long

As he gets angry easily, he will also convince easily and can’t stay mad for too long. Also, he is the one who cheers you up, once he lets go of his anger. 

6. Real-life performer

Punjabis are a bag of entertainment. They will never bore you with anything. They have a great sense of humour which makes you attract him more. You will realize it definitely if you date a Punjabi guy.

7. Personal Radio

Your boyfriend will definitely love Chakme Gaane. If you are travelling with them or going anywhere with them they will sing a song which you have never heard. They are fond of music and listen to every new song. Being updated makes his swagger. 

8. Comfortable with their friends

Once you are dating a Punjabi guy, not only him, you will never feel awkward when his friends are around. They all will make you more comfortable than you ever thought. And obviously, they will call you ‘Bhabhi‘ or ‘Bharjayi‘. You will feel safe with them and they will respect you like anything.

9. Food is love

Punjabi and food are real relations. What comes to your mind when you think of Punjabi guys? Obviously, Aloo parantha, Lassi, Butter chicken. If you are in a relationship with a true Punjabi guy then I bet you have put on your weight because he won’t let you stay on diet. You both will eat all day and he can cook these for you which is fat better than anything.

10. Expressive and soft

The stronger the look, the softer the inside. Unlike his personality, he is opposite from inside. He has a soft heart and will express everything he feels. He is intense and talks about his feelings when he is hurt. Also, they are cool with PDAs especially when you are his only woman. They will not feel scared to kiss you in front of a huge gathering.

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11. Most Protective

You will feel protective of him. I am sure you think the same. It’s every girl’s dream to date a protective guy and you will find this quality especially in Punjabi guys. They will protect you from any danger and will take care of you as a family and as a child. I bet you are a lucky girl if you are dating one.

12. Macho man

If you date one of the Punjabi guys, he will talk about the gym all day, always twirl his moustache and play with his beards and will think of himself as some kind of hero. He will make you feel that you are not dating some ordinary guy but dating a very great personality. But other than this he will treat you like a princess.

13. They are Chivalrous

If you think chivalry is dead then I guess you haven’t met the Punjabi guy. He will make you feel special and important when you date him. Also, He is the first one to take care of your needs.

Moreover, he is Life of a party, will take you on a date and also is good in bed. If you really think all these are true qualities of your boyfriend then do comment and tell what else your boyfriend does for you. Hope you find these facts similar if you are dating Punjabi guy.

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