Diljit x Intense x Raj Ranjodh “Album Ready”

As we all know that today is the chore of Albums and every artist in the Punjabi Music industry is coming with his album. Whether it’s Sidhu Moosewala, Karan Aujla, Amrit Maan, or Ranjit Bawa they are all in the feed of social media due to their upcoming albums.

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But we all know it started from“GOAT” by Diljit Dosanjh. It is one of the albums which is in the top order for one month on every music chart. Now Diljit Dosanjh is again coming with the album which is already set.

Yesterday, Intense, the music director who is producing the Album with Diljit Dosanjh announced this on his Instagram Story with Diljit And Raj Ranjodh.

Diljit Dosanjh looks so excited about it as we saw in the screenshot of his instagram story.

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