Young Farmer Navdeep Singh Become an Icon with his Bravery

Farmers from both Punjab and Haryana are protesting against new bill passed by the central government. But during protest farmers has to face a lot like paramilitary forces, water cannons, barricades and mostly detention in their march towards Delhi. But farmers are not in the mood to stop their protest, despite many barriers they are looking forward to march.

There are many videos and images got viral which shows that nobody can break their unity. From children to old age people, everyone is supporting farmers. Also, there is one video got viral where a young boy named Navdeep Singh, jumping on top of ‘Varun’ the water cannon mounted vehicle and turning the tap off, helping various protesting farmers who were being targeted by it, is doing the rounds on social media. This occurrence is said to have taken place near Kurukshetra.

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farmer navdeep singh
farmer protest

Navdeep Singh is a Sikh farmer, lives in Ambala District. He is a graduate and also protesting with the farmers representing over 300-350 villages. He is a youth activist and works with Kisan Union also. From last three to four months the police has charged under section 307 against him, his brother, father and uncle, but then also all the people from his village stand with him and supports him, said Navdeep Singh in an interview with Pro Punjab channel.

Moreover, he doesn’t quit but gets strong and become the icon of the protest. He is very enthusiastic about learning history. Also got backing from his family, friends and villagers. Farmer Navdeep Singh has no interest in politics but has the vision to change the system. For him, politics is dirt and selfish.

He wants everyone to support him in ‘Delhi Chalo’ protest. In an Interview with Pro Punjab Channel Framer Navdeep Singh request everyone to bring JCB Machines, Tochans and heavy vehicles so that if again in future they get obstacles between their march, they will fight against government and officials. Furthermore, he says that everyone is our brother if they are Policeman or farmer so they will protest silently if nothing bad comes. He is now known for his bravery and will be remembered in future if people talk about this farmer protest.

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  1. As the investigation in the recent Kanpur encounter heats up, Dubey remains absconding. The call for his arrest is growing, especially as the history of his political connections is unraveling as time passes. While some are hailing Dubey for his actions, there is a larger majority, Brahmins included, who have distanced themselves from him. Dubey’s journey seems to have begun and flourished as a result of nasty caste politics combined with the patronage of those in power. However, whether the same will be repeated given the outcry of the public for his arrest, remains to be seen. While refusing any dialogue on the issues raised by vast sections of Indian farmers, Modi claims that both, Minimum Support Price (MSP) and mandis, have been strengthened by the government

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