“Blessed To Be The Part Of YJKD” – Tannu Kaur

A small-town girl with big city dreams has always followed and is inspired by Hannah Montana from Disney Channel during her childhood. She watches movies and acts in front of the mirror. Then started acting and showcased her talent on popular social media platforms. The new sensational girl from Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree, Japneet Kaur aka Guftgoo aka Tannu Kaur and real name Gursimran Kaur feels grateful after getting a role in YJKD season 2. Tannu gets many offers to work in Punjabi Songs but she rejects them all.

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1. Your style

It is very simple. I love to wear loose and comfy clothes.

2. Brand conscious or street smart

Basically, I am Style conscious. I wear clothes which suit me, either brand or local. Moreover, clothes are not about the brand, it is more of how you carry them. Also, I am a window shopping kind of person, so whatever I like I just buy.

3. Passionate about

Acting and more importantly being an independent person.

4. Love for….

Baby animals. I go crazy when I see puppies and baby animals.

5. Fitness means

Truly speaking I am not a fitness freak but yeah I dance a lot.

6. Healthy snack you much on

Lol, I only love junk food. Though I have three meals a day but in between munch on many snacks.  Also, I love to have bread and peanut butter.

7. What turns you off

When someone talks rudely to me. One day I went to the railway station to make my train pass and there was a lady who was yelling at me and was very rude to me that I started crying there.

8. Clothes are craze

No, not much. I spend money according to my budget. Also, I buy clothes when I feel like it. Even one day I order so a pair of jeans and it was on sale. Afterward, when I received my order I was so mad as they robbed me.

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9. Collection call

During childhood, I love to collect stickers of Hannah Montana. It is still in my bag. I collect money a whole week to buy these stickers on weekend.

10. Big blessing

My parents. They are very supportive. I think girls are not allowed to follow their passion. But my parents and my whole family supports me whatever I do.

11. What attracted you to begin a career as an actor?

Hannah Montana from Disney Channel. I am always and will be a huge fan of Hannah Montana.

12. What sort of acting roles will you be seeking in the future?

Bubbly, innocent and simple character. I feel connected with this kind of character.

13. Who is your favorite actor and why?

Ammy Virk, I believe like whatever he acts either comic of emotional, it suits him.

14. Do you have any special skills other than acting


15. Big break

Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree Season 2

16. Is the character of Japneet in YJKD similar to your life or different.

Both. Like Japneet, I am loving too but she texted first to Jass, and I am not that kind of person who takes initiative conversation.

17. What do you love about this character

She is loving and caring.

18. Without giving anything away, what’s your favorite line of dialogue from any movie?

It’s from Sufna. “Fauji kehnda hai na je kise nu apna mnniye te na appa koi umeed kri di ae na e appa jtayida ae”

19. If you could play any other character in this show, who would it be?

In Season 1– Laali and Lucky

Season 2– Jass (Lol)

20. Who do you look up to

My father. He is that kind of person who follows principles in his life and thinks that if you have respect then you have everything.

21. Tell me about something you did or you failed to do, that you now feel a little ashamed

When I was in 9th standard, I made a fake account on Facebook with the name Yashika. I texted everyone, even to the people I don’t know and some of them replied. Though it was a secret. (LOL)

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22. What will be your reaction if your followers become zero overnight

First of all, I will start crying and will be shocked. As whatever I am today is because of social media. If you many followers you have great reach. So yeah I will feel bad.

23. One word that describes you

Loving. Because in real life I am that only.

24. Message to your fans

Respect everyone. Respect their work. Do not comment badly on someone’s post. Shower your love and blessings.

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