Kakh Ton Lakh; a Journey of Gurlal Singh Cheema From Zero To Hero

International English Language Testing System, popularly known as IELTS, is one of the growing cultures in Punjab parallel to singing and music. Therefore, it’s the dream of every parent to send their children abroad especially in Canada, Australia, America, New Zealand, and England. IELTS is so popular in Northern India that almost every city in Punjab has abundant institutes with a large number of students who are learning with an aim to migrate in first world countries.

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Following the same culture, IELTS is not less than a business in Punjab. The majority of institutes in Punjab now don’t bother about the results, they advertise themselves through Roadside banners, Television-based promotions, and using data from local schools and colleges and ultimately put this high branding cost on the parents by setting up monthly packages and eye-catching offers.

Finally, they end up increasing the strength of students, no matter what the results and their productivity is. Resultantly, it is true that most of the students sit in the IELTS exam over 3-4 times. Isn’t it shocking and hard to believe that how the student who got over 70 percent marks in high school get fail to crack IELTS that is a basic English eligibility test in the first go?

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But, when it is odd, there are even as well. A person in Patiala is making many parents proud by teaching and preparing their children for the IELTS and providing outstanding results in the state. Yes! you may guess the correct name, we are talking about the famous IELTS TUTOR of Punjab Mr. Gurlal Singh Cheema.

His vision and guidelines for education are quite different and satisfactory. According to Mr. Cheema. He has seen his family overcoming their poverty just through better education, how they were shifted from Pakistan to India at the time of partition, but even then his Father, brother, uncle, and paternal brothers have worked on superior designation in Government departments. They have made their reach up to becoming a Colonel in the Indian Army. This all have a great influence on Gurlal and made his mind very clear to stand with the quality of education.

So the days were not the same always, like thousand of others, Gurlal struggled over 8 long years in his life to make his own career. Nowadays he is helping many students to rise and shine by fulfilling their respective dreams to accomplish higher education and get settle in foreign countries.

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As per Gurlal Cheema, this is Nature which sometimes gives you what you haven’t made a dream before, at once he tried his best to get a government job and it is destiny that his students are getting a job in developed countries. The journey till here wasn’t easy. Scroll down to know the life story of Gurlal Singh Cheema.

The Journey

In 1993, Gurlal was born in a village named  Chounth Kheri, 20 kilometers from Patiala (Approx). Later his Government employee father moved to the city (Patiala) with the family that includes Gurlal himself, his mother, and his elder brother. The intention was just to avail better education to his sons which were hard to find in the village. After completing his schooling from the CBSE board, Gurlal wanted a better job and for the same, he did many attempts for government jobs but unluckily he failed every time.

Then on the advice of one of his family friends, he came into sports – weightlifting to be exact and came out as an outstanding sports personality. He made every single effort to be a good sportsperson and claimed to win medals at the national level, All India Inter-University competitions, Punjab state championship, and Inter-colleges which are categorized by the government as Grade B (quota) for government jobs.

Then he wandered many places like South India. (Coimbatore, Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, and New Delhi, etc. in search of a decent government job, but again he failed for many reasons. Mr Singh found that this was destiny that was expecting something else from him. Even he cleared many Trails, but the recruitment procedure couldn’t complete by the government side.

Then Gurlal’s Childhood friend JASHAN JOY SINGH suggested him to try Civil Services, he was a hard-working man when he failed to secure a job from weight lifting he wanted to do anything to get a job and started studying for late nights and all day, but destiny was the same here he failed there too. Now he was disappointed with himself and went into depression.

He couldn’t even bear the environment around him due to an inferiority complex. Also, He wasn’t able to face his family members and even friends. He kept himself isolated and use to cry on his life. He was scared about his parent’s expectations from him, all his brothers and sisters were doing quite well at that time.

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He said even he tried it so hard but still, nature was against him and he failed to secure a job for the second time. During his civil services preparation, he spent around 2-3 years on it and hunting for government jobs, but he continues facing failures for the second time.

Now he was disappointed with himself and on the advice of elder brother Amandeep Singh Chema he decided to prepare for IELTS with an aim to settle in a foreign country.

But this again wasn’t easy, he is a sincere guy at this time Mr Cheema started feeling shy about asking money from his parents. In his words, he said that his parents never refused him for money. As most of the strugglers hesitate to ask for money from their parents, similarly he refused to ask for money from his parents.

Somehow he managed to fill 15 days fees on his own and then decided to stay home and prepare for the test when he appeared for the exam the result was quite impressive he overall got 7.5 bands in the IELTS exam.

It was a great achievement for a disappointed person and he started dreaming to go overseas. At that particular time he came up with a conclusion that Big cars, mobiles phones, branded clothes and expensive clothes, do not ease down success, he believes that what matter is your pure dedication, hard work, and your hunger for success.

When he lived the most awaited moment. After wards, the dreams were starting turning into reality. After 10-15 days when he went back to the institute to collect his result, he was shocked as he was offered a teaching job in the same institute. He was happy and had no reason to say NO to that job.

Mr Cheema discussed that sometimes things are different from inside in contrast to what they appear from outside. When he joined the institute as a teacher and asked for training to teach the children then he was left stunned as the ma’am there said, “These students have no idea what are they doing here, just go and teach whatever you want”, this sentence made Gurlal realize that these IELTS institutes are opened with an aim of making money only and do not bother with the quality of education. But somehow he managed to teach the students with his full dedication and he became a favorite teacher among all to the students in the institute.

After some days, the management of the institute asked him to teach some more classes which led him under a burden, he said that he can’t manage so much pressure, he was disturbed but one of his colleagues said that he has no other option than doing agree on this otherwise he will be fired out of the institute. They have zero (AUKAT) in front of the faculty.

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This incident disturbed him so deeply that he couldn’t sleep and after thinking a lot on this matter he decided to start his own institute to teach IELTS honestly. He held the belief that a person who has such a mindset towards education cannot decide his career.  The next morning when he talked to his father and his family but his family doesn’t support him and even said he isn’t going to be a success in his career. Gurlal’s father even quoted “Kutte Nu Ghee Nhi Pachda” which means “a dog can’t digest butter”.

Now Gurlal is a successful teacher, entrepreneur, and immigration consultant who loves his earning a great amount of money and he feels satisfied with the work he is doing now. He also appeared in a Josh Talk video where he discussed his journey in his own words.

Troll Punjabi Interviewed Gurlal Singh Cheema and the conversation is as follows:-

Q. Name and Location of your Institute?
Ans:- The name of the Institute is Magna IELTS and Spoken English (Immigration Solutions) located at SCO 88, Basement, Leela Bhawan, Patiala – 147001, Opposite Dominos.

Q. How did you come up with the name of the company?
Ans:- There is an interesting story behind this, the first-ever constitution was drafted in 1215, in which King John mentioned fundamental rights for businessmen, the name of that constitution was named MAGNA CARTA, and the name of the institute is inspired by that thing only. Only very few get this name but I am happy with it. Equally is symbolizes the word MAGNIFICENT.

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Q. How do you see other IELTS institutes?
Ans:- I don’t consider other institutes as competition as here I am earning respect and money both. I don’t spend money on promotions. Other institutes focus solely on profits, whereas I look for inner satisfaction. So, I feel like my competition is with ‘me’.

I never get into keeping my eyes on other businesses. He told that if a single revolutionary S. Bhagat Singh held a dare to bring on a revolution in the country, he himself can initiate and continue his efforts to bring an education revolution.

Q. What are your plans about further expanding it?
Ans:- I really want to reach every student especially the underprivileged class and want to send them overseas so that they could earn and help their own family.  Even in the starting, he started by educating roadside students. So, YES, I am looking forward to expanding it more, but my ways are quite different. I know my ways will bring fewer earnings, but the inner satisfaction is guaranteed which is above anything else.

Q. What motivates you to do more?
Ans:- Whenever I see the smile on the people who matters to me, I feel like I should work more and make them proud. My father when he talks to me every morning and shares how his friends and relatives appreciate his son. When I look into his eyes which are hard to define this motivates me.

Also, my students are the real source of motivation for me. Many are from a low-income family, especially girls for whom the life was just to cook, eat, and serve their families. Now they are Abroad discovering their life and doing pretty well. This charges me up.

Gurlal Singh Cheema with his Family

Q. As you struggle a lot, what was your greatest fear then?
Ans:- I still remember those days,  this was not a fear of my alone there are thousands of others who are reading this article as well who wish to achieve their goals in the first go.

Similarly, when I was facing continuous failure so, I feared, I use to question myself; will I ever be able to manage my own expenses? or will be able to earn money to live my life. Will I ever be able to stand parallel to my brothers who are Overseas, Colonel, and successful businessman?

Q. How do you define success?
Ans:- I feel the real success is self-satisfaction. You can not consider success on the basis of money or wealth if you cannot sleep stress-free. You will find a richer person than you, a happier person than you, but if you are satisfied with yourself then you are successful.

In this time we have Ambani, Adani, or many others who have died earning more and more money and they are hard to defeat. The only thing that can make me richer than anyone else is Soul satisfaction and inner pride in what I am doing. I am sure that currently, I am richer than the above business tycoons.

Q. Most satisfying moment till date?
Ans:- For me there are a couple of incidents, but if I have to pick out anyone. Then, I was travelling to Chandigarh with my father and mother. Suddenly I got a call and my phone was on Bluetooth mode, the person on the other side got emotional and started crying. He thanked for his daughter the 7 band score result.

As he is a worker in a textile factory and poverty-stricken. So, I sponsored his daughter’s IELTS fees. Hearing all this conversation on phone, my father got emotional and replied that he is proud of whatever I am doing. Many times before my father compared my earnings with others, but from then onwards he never asked me about my revenue.

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Q. If you get a chance to start your career over again, what would you choose?
Ans:- Definitely a teacher, this job is really satisfying and I want to spread quality education to a large number of audiences. There is no doubt that I wish anything else. All I want is to be obtaining more expertise in my way.

Q. If you were to write a book on your story, how would you name it?
Ans:- Kakh ton Lakh (from nothing to precious)

So, that’s it with this article in which we came to know about the life story of a famous IELTS teacher, Gurlal Singh Cheema. See our website for more such content. Don’t forget to connect with us on Social Media to stay updated with the latest trends and infotainments.
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