“People still think I’m Simran”, says Hashneen Chauhan

Hashneen Chauhan kicked off her career in acting with Punjabi Web series Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree followed by many web-series, movies and modelling in songs. After becoming Miss Punjab 2017 1st runner up, the management recommended her for web series Yaar jigree kasooti degree where she played a role of Simran where she has done a loveable job. Then, we saw her in Ishq De Bulle, Student War, Dsp Dev and the list go on.

A post graduate from Panjab University, this Patialvi girl take pride in her journey.

So, Read out the exclusive interview of Hashneen Chauhan aka Simran of Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree.

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Your vogue

I only dress which bump into me accidentally, whenever you will see me at home I’ll be wearing the weirdest clothes, different socks and comfortable pyjamas but if I have to step out from home then I wear those clothes which suits me.

Passionate about

I am into arts or drawings, I love reading literature, do thoughtful discussion and also, building characters in the script.

Clothes are craze

Not very much. I am not always trendy so I don’t go crazy after it.

Street smart vs brand game

Depends upon where I get the best. It can be a brand or from the street. So I prefer those clothes which look good on me.

Traditional vs Western

I like both. Also, I can wear every traditional clothes from suit to sharers but can’t wear every western clothes.

To die for

Ranveer Singh for sure. I had a huge crush on him.

Fitness means

It is a part of the lifestyle. One should definitely indulge in some kind of fitness activity. I prefer the gym.

Healthy snack you munch on

I am a late-night keeper so I prefer Makhane and Channe.

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What turns you off

Manipulative and over smart people. Specially who are not honest.

Unwind myself by

I distance myself from negative people. Also, I choose to listen to music at bad times.

Big blessing

My family is my biggest blessing

Dream project

I wish to collaborate with Jimmy Shergill one day.

Upcoming project

One sports-related film and a web series at Pitaara Channel.

Plan B

Opt for civil services

Real inspiration

My father who is my biggest and better motivator. If I have to ask as an actor then Anushka Sharma and Tapsee Pannu inspire me a lot.

What type of response you get after the role of Simran in YJKD

I get a very positive response that people didn’t even recognise my name. They think my real name is also Simran. But I want to work so hard that I build my own identity and they must know that I am Hashneen Chauhan.

Favourite character in YJKD

Character of Lucky, perfermoed by Karan Sandhawalia

Could we see you again in YJKD?

Hopefully Yes.

Shoots are fun?

Yes, a lot but at the same time, it is also tiring. As sometimes we have to work for more than 12-16 hours.

You always wanted to be an artist

Yes, as earlier as I can recall since childhood grew up watching cinema and serial as all-day everyday.

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Describe yourself in one word

Basically, two words ‘Celestial Wonder’.

Message to your fans

Thank you for all your love and support. I’m able to work for you with your blessing. Keep showering your windfalls and enjoy my work so that I can contribute much better every time.

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