Home Decor Tips for Diwali; Make Your Locality Look Beautiful.

As we all know Diwali is around the corner. It brings the resemblance of a beautiful and luminous house in a colony. Diwali is the most auspicious festival for everyone. A festival of lights, colors, happiness, Sweets, and joy. The sweetness of festivals comes with Mithai. The shady lamp brings emotion and joy, the colors of rangoli brings happiness and positivity. Scroll down for some home decor tips for Diwali 2020.

Diwali is associated with the victory of good over bad. Lights are symbolism of goodness and positive energy. For kids, Diwali is all about firecrackers and lighting. So this year make your Diwali most beautiful with your kids and family. Here are some home decor tips for Diwali to make your house unique and gorgeous. You can buy these on Amazon with discounted price tags.

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Scroll down to learn home decor tips for Diwali.

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1. Handmade Diyas

handmade diya
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Diwali is incomplete without diya. Besides lighting the Diya we can also make paper Diya hang on walls or doors. This creative Deepawali idea you will definitely love. It is very easy to make, you only need some colourful paper, scissors, glue, and thread.

2. Handcrafted lamp

This idea is very elegant and simple. You need colorful sheets, make a pattern on that sheet, perforate it by compass so that the light comes out. Fold it in a cylindrical shape and stick to with glue. Isn’t the idea amazing?

3. Paper Cups

I am sure you will surely love this idea. You need small size printed cups and cut the top into crisscross with crisscross scissors. Put the lights through the bottom. Likewise, do it with 10-12 cups. Then your lampshade will be ready.

4. For Thalli: Make Quilling paper design

If you want to design with papers, you can use quilling paper and needle and can shape it into any. Arrange it into patterns around the lights in your thalli.  Not only thalli you can decorate at your entrance and windows too. You will be amazed that papers can help us with decoration and make our home delightful.

5. Hula Hoop Chandelier

An amazing fact is Hula hoop not only use in gymnastics but also for designing our house. The hula hoop is very much helpful in making chandelier which can be hung in the living room or drawing-room. I think this is the perfect Diwali decor material. You can even put it outdoor. All you need is a hoop and twinkling lights.

6. Mason Jar Lights

String lights are best and can be lay it anywhere with anything. All we need to find the right place to decorate it. Grab some mason jars and fill them with string lights. These are the best, less expensive and easy to make DIY home decor. You will definitely find it magnificent.

7. Lights on the tree

If you have a big tree in your house or even a medium size. You can wind the tree with lights. It will make your home more glorious and striking. You can decorate your garden with some twinkling trees and bushes. All you need is the extension wire and lights and make your place a party-perfect. I bet that your family will love it.

8. Bangle Lampshades

Diwali decoration
bangle decoraton

Bangles are the best part of the jewelry.  It is not only make a women beautiful but also used in decorating the house. Yes! You read right. Bangles can be consumed for home decor. All you need is the glue, colourful bangles and lights. It will be the best lampshade which you can’t refuse. This is the beautiful DIY Diwali decor.

9. Wall hangings

Not only lampshade you can also make wall hangings with glass bangles. Again you need bangles, glue, thread or ribbon for hanging. Now tie it on your rode, wall or any corner of the home. This Diwali you can save your money and decorate your house with beautiful and easy DIY.

10. Wineglass lamps

If you have a wine glass, put it on your table and decorate it. Fill the glass with some flower petals or sparkles and 3/4 water in the glass and then lit a floating candle. It will create an ambience in a room. Other than sparkles and flower petals you can fill anything else like pebbles or crystals which will make your glass more fascinating.

11. Rangoli

Rangoli is a symbol of Shagun. You can make a rangoli with colors, cereals, or flower petals as well. If not petals you can use the whole flower to decorate it. You can make a pattern to enhance it more. Also, arrange the diya to make your rangoli more lavishing. Afterward, you will see your ultimate rangoli is ready.

12. Sequin and Tassel Hangings

Now you need not buy hangings from the market. You can make it yourself at a cheap and economical price. Bring some tassels or sequins from the market and attach them with thread. They look bold at night. So buy them from nearby local shops and create a beautiful piece for Diwali.

13. Garlands

Garlands are the best thing for decoration and specially used while pooja. These are strings of flower flowers that are hung on walls as well as on the main door. This is the best and reasonable idea for Diwali decor.

14. Bells

Bells are basically used during Christmas. But you can create home decor with bells during our favorite festive season Diwali. bring some golden bells with marigold string, which is the best option for decoration. You can decorate your wall or ceiling for sure.

Try on Entrance

More than interior it is the first most priority of us to decorate our entrance. In India, there is a tradition that the main entrance has a special significance. So we can embellish it with flowers, bandhanwar (toran), diyas and lamps. You can create it yourself, moreover, you can purchase it from the market. These days you can get decorative Diyas and special lamps from almost everywhere.

If you are too creative then these things you can DIYs at home or you can even buy nearby your store. Needless to say, these things are not too expensive but if you are making at home then give your maximum time to create beautiful articles. You just need some basic things like flowers, paper, scissors, glue sticks, lights, cotton, glasses, and a few things more. All you have to do is little planning to create enduring memories. Hope you find this article useful for home decor tips during Diwali, have a blast this Diwali, and decorate your house most beautifully.

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