I’m inspired from Madhuri Dixit; says Jagmeet Kaur aka Tee of YJKD

From being a real actor to a reel actor, here is the journey of Jagmeet aka Sukhmani of Yaar Jigree kasooti Degree. Jagmeet always wanted to be an actor. She is fond of acting since childhood. As she was in boarding school and there she makes the team of her classmates or her juniors and gives them the characters to act.

Moreover, she became part of the pay. She made script by herself. She did plays in her school but then after a lot of pauses, she did a play in her graduation and then in her Masters with Pawan Johal.

Then, Ms Kaur met with the team of Yaar Jigree and got selected. Also, She follows Madhuri Dixit and learned a lot from her. Either it’s her expression or acting. Jagmeet, an actor, journalist and model has to her credit movies like Nikka Zaildar, Rocky Mental, web series like Operation Parinde, Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree and many songs too.

Let’s know more about Sukhmani aka Tee of YJKD:

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Your swag

Comfortable clothes. I dint like short dresses but i reel my swag is ethnic as i like to wear punjabi suit and be a typical Punjabi kudi.

Punjabi singer, you find stylish

One can never match with the style of Diljit Dosanjh.

Latest buy

I bought grey heels from Red Tape.

Call for comfort

I love to be in nature. Whenever I see a garden I just stop there and enjoy being myself. Also, I love to see the moon.

Dream project

I want to grow so high that I get a chance to work in Hollywood. Also, I am working on my English. And if I talk about a dream project in Pollywood then I would love to share a screen with Satinder Sartaj.

What turns you off?

When people don’t understand the value of time and always comes late.

How you unwind yourself

I listen to my favourite music or I cook my favourite food. Also if I am not in the mood of cooking then I just order something which I like.

How would someone get your special attention?

Either its men of women, I first saw their eyes. The way they look at the things, their way of talking, their personality and how they deal with the situation, all these things grab my attention.

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Are you planning to be in any other movies?

Not yet, but I hope I get some big projects soon.

What type of movie do you like to act in the most?

Movies which give me challenging roles. As in most of the movies, I get the role of a journalist which I am, so I don’t feel different other than my profession. But in season 2 of YJKD, I got the negative role and it’s my pleasure that I did it so well that people text me and thinks that I am the real Sukhmami and did everything intentionally.

Which celebrities you believe are the most influential?

Diljit Dosanjh as everything he did is issued in the public interest and now during farmers protest, he is dedicated towards his duty. Moreover, I don’t think that there is any person who didn’t like him now and inspired by him. Also, Satinder Sartaj, his intellectual level, way of his writing and his songs inspire me a lot.

On what do you spend the most: clothes, accessories, perfumes, undergarments, or anything else?

I spend most on my clothes, then perfumes. Also, I bought four perfumes recently. Next watch and at last earnings. 

From being desi girl to patakha, how the character changes your life?

It creates a lot of transition in my reel life as well as real life. The character which I play before, I was that only. A small town desi girl but now I modernised myself according to time like it was shown in season 2. But I am not a villain. (laughs)

What type of response you are getting after a drastic change in your web-series YJKD?

Lol. It was a mixed response. As some people appreciate me that I did a great job, some think I did purposely. I go some message says Tumme Achha nhi kiya, Keerat or Roop is the tod Diya, even after this many people unfollow me. But it was characters need and I believe to work harder so that I gain their trust again and do more challenging role.

How much do you actually work out?

I go to the gym regularly. Also, I work out for around 2 hours. I think exercise is must.

Your prized possession

Recently one of the artists named Swaroop made my portrait and I feel so proud that people spend their precious time and made this for us. I hanged at my wall and saw daily and get motivated.

If you go out to dinner with your non-famous friends, do you all still split the bill or do you pay?

If it’s their birthday then they pay but if it’s a normal dinner or lunch then I have to pay the bill.

Where do you think you will be after 25 years?

In Hollywood definitely. Also, I’ll be a happy person and will be enjoying my life to the fullest.

Message to your fans

Never lose hope, everything happens for a reason. Life gives you surprise, it’s upon you that how you receive and how you deal with it. Stay happy stay cheerful.

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