“Believed in Hard Work and Following Passion” says Jasmin Bajwa

A Girl born in Hyderabad and brought up in Ludhiana set a benchmark that language is never a barrier. Jasmin Bajwa is known to many as Daisy Grewal from Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree started her career as a modeling and collaborated with many brands for ads. Also, did great work in her childhood as a child artist. But due to her parents, she dropped the idea of acting. Scroll down to read this Jasmin Bajwa intervew.

But she never stops dreaming about acting and now she has her credit web series – Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree, Bollywood movies – Soorma and Manmarziyan, Pollywood Movies – Sufna and Doorbeen, three-hit Songs – Birthday Gift (Sharry Maan), Toot Chali Yaari (Maninder Buttar) and on an audience demand an Arab Role in a song Subaah Jatt De (Amrit Maan).

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Moreover, movies with Gurnam Bhullar and Tarsem Jassar are yet to release. She doesn’t belong to an acting background especially in Punjabi so to brush up on her Punjabi Language, had her classes under the guidance of renowned actress Nirmal Rishi. Luckily, she hit her career by being one of the finalists in Miss India Global International 2014. She believes in dedication and positivity.

Let’s know a little more about her journey in this interview of Jasmin Bajwa

1. Your Vogue

Not any specific. I love doing experiments. I don’t like things easy. Also after a short time, I get bored with stuff. So I wear stuff that defines my personality like fun-loving colors. Moreover, comfort is one of the major factors but whatever suits me and what portrays me I wear it.

2. Forever favorite

Styling and Dogs are love and forever favourite. Also, Shah Rukh Khan and never-ending love for Non-veg.

3. Pick by tag

Kind of. I go for brands and at the same time, my normal clothes look branded. It all depends on smart dressing. So being brand conscious, I am a smart street also. Also, I go for Zara and H&M at any time. They have a collection which suits me.

4. Passionate about

Acting, which is my current love. Also anything related to my work.

5. Love is

My parents watching my work.

6. To die for

Desserts anytime

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7. No pressure

A long drive with my favorite music. I am that kind of person who will go on an award show by driving myself.

8. What turns you off

The mentality of people, they think they move on with the time but actually, they are stuck with their stereotypical nature. They set the limit for girls. As I work in so many fields and many girls do, instead of appreciating their work they comment on them also set the bar for girls which really turns me off.

9. Fitness means…

Everything. I am a fitness freak myself. I think it is mandatory to work. Also, it’s important to know the difference between a good body and a healthy body. We think being a perfect body is enough but being a healthy body is crucial. Furthermore, good hygiene leads to a healthy life. I have personal experience of this. My dad doesn’t go to the gym and doesn’t have abs but he is more fit than me because he has a great lifestyle. Eating healthy, waking up early in the morning and exercise.

10. Any inclination towards sports

I’ve always enjoyed sports. In school time also I used to play a lot. Handball, basketball. I was a very active child. Always used to participate in athletics. Also, have some prices in racing.

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11. Clothes are a craze

Of course, I am very picky about my clothes. Even my parents do not shop my clothes without me. (laughs)

12. Comfort wear is

Oversized t-shirts or shirts, high waist wide-legged pants or jean and any sneakers especially white.

13. New found love

Anything that COVID taught me like spending a lot of time with family and staying at home. It usually never happens, so yeah this is my new found love.

14. Sharing is caring

Yes, I believe sharing is caring. I have an elder sister who is married and still we share our clothes and everything with each other. Basically, I steal her clothes (laughs) and shares too.

15. Unwind myself by

It’s not easy to relax. I need some good atmosphere like I want my favorite people around else, I go for a long drive not only to unwind myself but if I need to work on anything and can’t think about any plan then also. Driving helps me to fresh-up my mind.

16. Collection call

While I was in 5th standard, I collected Pokemon stickers. Still, I have a file of those 200-300 stickers. From collecting stickers I am here now collecting rings, which I think is the most beautiful part of jewellery. Also, I gather some embarrassing moments from my friends. It helps me to blackmail them. (giggles)

17. Inspiration

I am yet to find, what I think is, we need confidence in ourself for inspiration. If we set our goals I think we don’t need to find any motivation. Also if we make someone our reason to work good, then we work up to their mark which I think so is not a healthy thing. Also, do what makes you happy and never stop. It Is my mantra of inspiration.

18. Any weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you

Once 40 to 50 children in school dresses came outside my house to click pictures in the morning. They bunked their classes. We sang ‘jatti thodi shy’. That time I realized people actually follow and admire me.

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19. Most embarrassing  moment

Some have been so embarrassing that I chose to forget. So I don’t remember any (laughs).

20. Big blessing

My parents watched my first movie and they appreciate it. This is the biggest blessing for me and I further want whatever is the last project of my life, they saw that too.

22. Language barrier

The character of Daisy taught me so much. After playing that role I realize that if you choose to achieve something you do accomplish. I didn’t have anyone to guide me during my acting session but I thank my parents who were there for me every time. And if I am here it is because of them. They are my backbone.

Also, I think language is never an issue if you work passionately. My motto is not doing four or five useless movies bit doing a one-hit movie so that people know and love me for my work. So I think Achieved what I want from entering the industry and make the mark.

21. A message for people

I understand what people think and what they are going through. As I had been or wannabe their at some time. So believe in yourself. Never underestimate your hard work. If you fail never stops, keep trying until you reach your goal. In fact, I failed so many times in my life and look I am here now with everything I want.

There are many people whom we don’t know but have so much to tell about their journey so never give up. Be safe, be healthy, spread happiness. Take care of yourself and of course, take care of our environment. COVID gave us a whiff that we are spoiling it very badly. So yeah, maintain your surroundings.

So that’s it with this interesting talk with beautiful Jasmin Bajwa. Hope you like the interview and get to know more about her. Leave a comment and let us know which artist you want to read about next.

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