Lucky Di ‘Personal’ Story~ Karan Sandhawalia

A great lyricist, singer and actor wrote his first rap when he was 16. Karan started his career at a very young age. He was seen in Stupid 7. He came out with his first song in 2014 which was Putt Jatt Da. Then he wrote and sung Nafaa for Punjabi web series Yaar jigree Kasooti Degree where he did a lead role as a character Lakhwinder Singh ( Lucky). Then he came out with another emotional song 6 Saal and Ghodiyan. There are many other songs in his kitty. We are here talking about Karan Sandhawalia aka Lucky of Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree. 

In a conversation with Vivek Kumar, Karan Sandhawalia unfolded some new chapters of his story.

Fan of Kuldeep Manak and Bohemia told us a great about his journey of being an actor and singer.

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Your genre

I don’t reckon on any particular genre. As I am a theatre artist and I think there is no character left which I haven’t done from emotional to villain, everything. So if I describe my genre then I would say it is universal.

Big break

I started my career as a lead actor in stupid 7. At that time I was in 12th standard. For me, that’s the big break but if it says where I get fame then obviously it’s yaar jigree kasooti degree.

When do you realize you wanna be an actor

When I was in school I did some plays. And then I realised that I am good at this. Also, my teacher Rita Maam and Baweja Maam taught me and helped me a lot.

Who got you into the music

My grandfather was a writer and my dad too. He sings a very lovely but he opts for a regular job and I think all this came from both of them. I am blessed with two-person in my life. I saw both of them writing so much from my childhood. When I tried writing some Shayari, I remember that I wrote it great. Then I started trying singing and learned from Noora Sisters.

If not acting or singing then what

I never gave a second thought on this. As when I started acting I was young and I just hold this line and never imagined anything else. But yeah it’s important to put a backup plan which I didn’t have. Unfortunately, if in future I’ll be nothing then I guess I’ll move to another country.

Real inspiration

My true motivation and inspiration are my parents and my family. I saw them doing so much good thing, meeting with famous people like singers and actors as he worked in Doordarshan and during the time I was a kid I had a craze meeting such a famous personality. I almost met with everyone and wanna go to that level. My family supports me a lot. They push me and stay with me always.

Upcoming project

One with Pukhraj Bhalla, Teriyaan Meriyaan Hera Feriyaan and Gurmukh, the interesting thing is that I wrote the title song of Teriyaan Meriyaan Hera Feriyaan.

Most embarrassing moment

There are many such moments. When we were shooting Stupid 7, during that time I and Pukhraj got a break for two days. We were preparing to go home. What we did at that time we both can’t forget. Whole heading towards home we hide clothes of one of our co actor in refrigerator. When our seniors got to know that they called us from home next day and scolded us, said Bhalle De Munde the Doordarshan De munde ne baala gandd pasta hoya.

What makes you smile and what scares you the most

I don’t remember specifically but at this age we obviously miss our school and college days which makes me smile and happy. And the thing I told you earlier that I have no backup plan really scared me. That if I really failed sometime what I will do but I believe myself, my hard work and will face fear.

Dream project

There are so many. I haven’t worked so much that I tell you about my dream project. I wish people do realise the real talent and real writings. They choose the right things so that one day they love my work and my writings. So that it leads me to become the best artist. this is all I dreamt about.

Healthy snack you munch on

Chicken always.

Your celebrity crush

No one literally but I wish to meet Nawazuddin sir in person and want to talk so much with him about everything his struggle, his journey and everything. Celebrities like him, Pankaj Tripathi, Manoj Bajpayee are doing great work in industry and audience must realise that like lead actors, side actors are also that important.

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If you get a chance to go on holiday whom do you take.

I’ll be with, my family. Spending time with them at home is different than spending vacations with them. So I want to be my family with me during my holidays

Greatest weakness

I am very careless, lazy and not so punctual. I can sleep the whole day without doing anything from doing Riyaaz to work, which makes me very moody. This is my weakness.

Greatest strength

My mother, she is strict also loves me a lot. she is the one who is controlling me. she hides my harmonium when I don’t practice so that I do. she knows when something is in front of me I’ll not pick but if I cannot see it I’ll definitely find it.

Advice for kids who wanna be actor/actress

Today’s youngster is running over a crowd. They do not know the difference between right and wrong things. They are not even clear about their goals. I am not such a bog man to give lectures or advice to my younger ones. But all I want to say is if you want to do acting, do wholeheartedly. Give your hundred percent. work hard and understand the right things.

My Mantra of Life

Whenever I get Demotivated I always remind myself by one quote that is “Tu jithe vi hove par hai zaroor, Mai pohonch hi jaunga tere tak safar karda karda. Tu baddal mai dharti, badalaan da paani dharti te hi varna, es to ilawa hor kisnu silla karna.”

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Describe yourself in five words

I am Confident, Creative, Honest, Ambitious and True Punjabi.

Any message to people

Always work hard, respect your parents and elders and mainly stay away from drugs.

So, that’s it with this interesting conversation with Karan Sandhawalia, stay in touch to know more about other artists. Hope you like this interview with oursLucky. Leave a comment and let us know which artist you want to read about next.

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