Latest COVID-19 Restrictions imposed in Punjab.

India is suffering from the Second wave of COVID-19, Many states have imposed restrictions. Total Cases in Punjab are 25,855. Yesterday (April 7), 2997 COVID new cases were registered. Earlier, in Punjab, there was Night Curfew in 12 districts till April 10. But, on Wednesday (April 7, 2021) Captain Amarinder Singh announced the Night Curfew to the entire state.

The Night Curfew is for 8 hours from 9 pm to 5 am. Punjab has 85% Coronavirus Cases of UK Strain. The Strain is more dangerous and Contagious in nature. Around 90,000 people are vaccinated in Punjab every day. But, CM said that it needs to be increased to 2 Lakh people per day. Now, Let’s know more about the restrictions imposed in Punjab. Read the full article.

Latest COVID-19 Restrictions in Punjab
captain amarinder singh
coronavirus in punjab

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• Restrictions Imposed in Punjab.

  1. Night Curfew of 8 hours from 9 pm to 5 am in Punjab.
  2. Schools and Colleges will remain closed till April 30 except Medical & Nursing Colleges.
  3. Ban on all Political Rallies. If the Politicians violate the rule they will be booked under the Disaster Management Act and Epidemic Diseases Act.
  4. Tent and Venue Owners providing venues for social and political gatherings will be also booked under these acts.
    Their Venue will be sealed for 3 months.
  5. Allowing 50 People at Weddings, Cremation, and Funeral for indoors. For Outdoors, 100 People.
  6. Allowing 200 People in Mall, 20 Shops will be open at a particular time. This means 10 people will be allowed at one shop.
  7. No Social, Cultural, and Sports gathering till April 30.
  8. 50% capacity in Cinema houses.
  9. Public dealings in government offices are restricted, Online and Virtual modes to be preferred.
  10. Citizens are allowed to visit Public Offices for essential services. Concerned Departments limited the daily appointments for registries.

The CM instructed the DGP of Punjab- DGP Dinkar Gupta to look after and to do the strict implementation of Night Curfew. He also instructed Chief Secretary Vini Mahajan to aware of people going to hospitals at early stages. He will appeal to the Prime Minister at Video Conference on Thursday to reserve at least 50 ICU beds for patients in PGI Hospital, Chandigarh.

Latest COVID-19 Restrictions in Punjab
punjab curfew

Coronavirus cases are increasing day by day. It is Mandatory to wear masks properly. Sanitize your hands frequently and keep a safe distance.
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