Nimrat Khaira Vs Lakha Sidhana; Gall Ki Hai?

The Punjabi entertainment industry is becoming very popular worldwide but another face is also true that thought conflicts are seen within the industry. This time its Nimrat Khaira and the Lakha Sidhana are having some words war with each other. If you don’t know this controversy then just scroll down and you will come to know about the matter.

Lakha Sidhana, a social activist is talking about the current situation of Punjab in one of his Instagram live videos. He talked about many issues like the Kabbadi tournament or any other sports tournament organized by some villages in Punjab. He told that this is not the right time for this kind of thing rather than that, we have to come up together and had to fight for our rights against the government about the controversial farm bill.

But this topic took fire when he talked about a recently released song of actress cum singer Nimrat Khaira ‘Time Chakda’, he told her that if you can’t support the farmers on this current situation then don’t release this kind of songs for the audience of Punjab.

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After this, the clip got viral, later Nimrat saw the video and replied on his statement via her Instagram handle, she said, “Lakha sidana ji nu benti hai Tusi Time chakda te Sara Yaad Kita hoya per “Soorjan wale” da kite zikar hi nhi KitaSirfApni suvidha AnusaraNHIbolideKise nu. Pehla ohda social ohda dekh layida kinia posta pyia oh support kr reha ya nhi har ik Punjabi nu esda bohut diukh hai te assi khud kisaan pariwar to haan. Hmeasha khud nu Sahi sabit karan layi duje nu galat dikhana jaruri nhi hunda”.

She politely said that “ veer ji thonu vi benti hai same di nazaqat nu samjho Mudda singers da na bnao ehnu kissana da rehn do tuc vdia kamm kar rehe ho ohnu hor agge lai ke jao harr kamm ch publicity nhi bhalidi
Main hmesha Punjab punjabiat de naal han.

In the favour of Nimrat Khaira Sidhu Moosewala also shared her story on his Instagram.

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