Ocular Vicarious Menstruation- ‘A Rare Clinical Entity’ experienced by Chandigarh Woman

A few days back, we heard this new term ‘Ocular Vicarious Menstruation’. A 25-Year-old married woman shed the tears of blood. It is a shocking thing for that woman and for people. Also, this case perplexed the doctors too. It is a very rare condition called ‘haemolacria'(tears of blood). So, let’s know more in-depth about this rare medical condition. Read the article for more details.

A 25-year-old woman went to the hospital with her bleeding eyes in an Emergency Room in Chandigarh. This condition shocked the doctors too. But, the woman said she didn’t feel any pain while shedding ‘Bloody tears’. However, Several medical tests conducted like ‘Radiological’ and ‘Ophthalmological’ (eye examination). The results of the reports were normal. Neither she have this condition in her genetics. Furthermore, Doctors researched her condition deeply. They found that every time she experienced the bloody tears, she was on her periods. Before consulting the doctor, she experienced this same thing a month before.

About Ocular Vicarious Menstruation.

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The woman is suffering from the condition of Vicarious menstruation. Vicarious Menstruation is the bleeding that occurs outside the Uterine Cavity during periods. The bleeding in this condition occurs from the Kidney, urinary bladder, nasal mucosa, umbilicus, lungs, stomach, lips, Retina, Conjunctiva and Lacrimal System (tear glands). Moreover, Some Experts believes that the endometrial tissue present in Extragenital Organs causes Vicarious Menstruation.

So, in this case, the woman experienced blood from the eyes. The Medical term for this rare condition is Ocular Vicarious Mensuration. The word Ocular is connected to eyes and vision.

British Medical Journal

British Medical Journal is a weekly medical journal and has editorials of new medical disease and conditions. It is one of the oldest general medical journals in the World. The Rare condition of this 25-year-old woman published in this journal and it became ‘Talk of the town’.
The authors claimed that her condition is due to hormonal imbalance and called the condition- ‘rare clinical entity’. The researcher said, “Estrogen and progesterone can increase the permeability of capillaries resulting in hyperemia, congestion and secondary bleeding from extrauterine tissue.”

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Treatment of Ocular Vicarious Menstruation.

Doctors prescribed her Oral contraceptives. The medicine given to her is a mixture of estrogen and progesterone, in order to balance the hormones. The woman said that she is taking a regular dosage of medicines for 3 months. And, added that she hasn’t experienced this rare condition now.

So, normally we only know that in periods blood flows only from the vagina. But, now we got to know that there are things like Ocular Vicarious Mensuration too. That was all about the Article.

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