“Zindagi Guzarna Nahi Hai, Zindagi Jeena Hai” : Parteek Vadhera

From Blues to blossom, Parteek Vadhera has a unique story to tell. He worked in a bookstore at the age of 14 to manage his expenses so that family should not feel any burden. Comes from a middle-class family he understands everything and is very diligent. Scroll down and know awesome facts about Parteek Vadhera, Bhushan of YJKD in real life.

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Here is Fascinating Conversation With Parteek Vadhera Is As Follows:

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1. Fashion mantra?

I don’t have such a mantra in my life for fashion. I seriously get confused easily about what to wear, but yeah I love wearing Kurta with Jeans.

2. What do you like doing in your spare time?

I do a lot of activities like singing, dancing, beatboxing, Mimicry and also video call to my close friends.

3. What have you done in your lockdown?

Netflix. But I feel like that more than of time I give to myself, prepare some imaginary characters, shoots, study theatre especially western and literature.

4. What would you change your name to?

I love my name as a few of them know that it is Parteek Vadhera. Some of them pronounce incorrectly but then also I like it as my name points to Parteek Vadhera, i.e art era, and I love to be surrounded by art.

5. Biggest pet peeve?

I have a problem or whatever you say halibut that when I am talking to someone I need their 100% attentions towards me otherwise I get irritated.

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6. Annoying habit?

(laughs) I unknowingly tap a person while talking. And there is one incident I hit my friend so badly and didn’t even realise it. He gets hurt and he slaps on my face.

Also, there is one more thing I talk to strangers like if I like what they are eating I ask them to share with me which is very embarrassing moments for my friend and they pretend like they don’t know me. (Laughs out loud)

7. Who is your inspiration?

Firstly, My grandmother then my family and friends too.

8. If you weren’t famous, what would you be up to right now?

I never gave a second thought to anything else. But If I weren’t famous I’ll be theatre instructor or theatre artist. Acting is love.

parteek vadhera yjkd
bhushan yjkd

9. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen these days?

Messages from my fans. I never thought that they love my character so much in YJKD. I still have screenshots with me.

Also, people think that I am actually from Bihar but, to be honest, I am from Patiala, Punjab but loves speaking Bhojpuri. I am really thankful that I got an opportunity in YJKD Season 2 to speak such a commendable language.

10. What would you like remembered about you?

That I am very helpful. If there’s any person who needs any help in the middle of the night then I never ignore him/her. Even if anyone needs a lift to go to someplace I gave them that too. As I feel like that a few years ago I was also at the same place so I understand the feeling.

11. Weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you?

I try to reply to each of the messages but there are so many messages that some of them get skipped. Recently one of my fans, I don’t know what to say now, he messaged me so many ‘hi’ & ‘hello’ I didn’t see then he said very negative words so I just saw and replied to him.

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But then also he used some more unfavourable word which is very weird that they should also understand my situation. It is not like I don’t like them. I love them, they are the one who made us stand here but sometimes there is a lack of time so they must also understand us.

12. The best/worst purchase I’ve ever made?

Best is video games which I still have and worst is skates, I just wasted my pocket money on that, also get scolded from my father.

13. A person you want to date with?

My girlfriend

14. The venue for date?

I want to take her for candlelight dinner in a boathouse in Switzerland.

15. Must have in my wardrobe?

Forever favourite my Yardley London perfume

16. I pamper myself with?

Grooming my hair.

17. What is one message you would give to your fans?

Always praise good work. Give priorities to your family, make them feel special at least or one day in the month. Spend time with your family as they are everything and always work hard for us.

18. Fit n fine mantra?

Running and yoga but nowadays I am doing nothing. Also cardio and aerobics

19. When you realize that you wanna be an actor?

When I was in the 11th class I participated in a Solo act and I won that time. I get motivated and I believed that this is work in which I am good at.

20. If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?

I will change my friend’s hair in whatever style I like also I want to fly high and enjoy the view from above.

21. Clean or messy person?

Messy kid

22. celebrities you believe are the most influential?

Kader khan, Govinda, Kamal Haasan, Paresh Rawal

23. Who would you take on a date in space and why?

I seriously go alone there and will give myself some ‘me-time’.

24. Biggest Fantasy?

I want to have a big car a want to give a lift to any person where he wishes to go either it’s my way or not. I want to drive him and help him. (smiles)

25. Similarity between Bhushan and Parteek?

Other than Hometown everything is similar. Same attachment with my family, hardworking, support my friends and don’t spend money on useless things.

bhushan yjkd2
bhushan yjkd
parteek vadhera

26. How did you manage to play the role of Bihari boy from a Punjabi boy?

When I was a child I have two-three friends, their parents speak Bhojpuri so I learned and observed at that time. Moreover, I get a chance to act in one of the Munshi Premchand stories which had a Bhojpuri touch so during that time I polish my speaking skills in the language.

27. Dream Work?

I want to work under Imtiaz Ali and want to share my screen with Paresh Rawal, Govinda and Nawwazudin Siddique

28. A message to your fans and loved ones?

Do whatever work you like. Prepare yourself mentally. He says, “If circumstances are not favouring you, you favour circumstance”. Have patience and believe in your Destiny. Always give your 100% in your work.

 He further adds, “Umeed rkho, lekin umeed k poore hone ki umeed na rkho

Life is one, live it. Don’t expect from anyone. People are not even happy with god. Be happy and spread happiness.

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  1. A very talented and dedicated artist Parteek vadehra. He is on ‘Vade rah’. God bless him a great success in film industry.

  2. Parteek Vadhera is a talented actor . He is playing an important role in yjkd 2 . God bless him a great success in the film industry.

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