Which Punjabi Actor Suits Best In These Roles Of Iconic DDLJ Characters?

It’s been 25 years of DDLJ ( Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge ). Most of the Bollywood celebs and star cast of the movie are celebrating the silver jubilee of this film. For Bollywood, this is a great achievement that one of the movies has completed 25 years and on the occasion of the silver jubilee, they announced to release DDLJ again in theatres.

So as a Punjabi audience we liked this film so much, just think what if DDLJ is made in Punjabi then which Punjabi actors suit best for these iconic roles.

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Here is the list of actors who will be the best match in these roles as a Punjabi version of DDLJ.

  1. Raj – In DDLJ, Raj’s role was played by Shahrukh Khan, if Raj’s role will be played by a Punjabi star then it will definitely be Amrinder Gill.
    As Raj (Shahrukh Khan) belongs to a rich family and fell in love with a simple girl so is Amrinder gill seen in his movies. Considering the same it was Amrinder Gill who strikes in our mind for the role of Raj for this Punjabi DDLJ.
amrinder gill as shahrukh khan

2. Simran – Simran was a beautiful and innocent girl, the character was played by Kajol. If we find a suitable face for the role of Simran then Simmi Chahal is best. Both the faces look innocent and the smile is almost the same.

simmi chahal as Kajol

3. Chaudhry Baldev Singh – Legendary actor Late Mr. Amrish Puri played the iconic role in DDLJ as Kajol’s Father. If this character is played by a Punjabi actor then Yograj Singh is the perfect name that all Punjabis can relate to. Yograj Singh has the same charm as Amrish Puri had. Looks, Physique, Dialogue delivery all are almost similar. We couldn’t imagine anyone else in this role.

yograj singh as amrishpuri

4. Dharamvir Malhotra – In DDLJ, this role was played by versatile actor Anupam Kher as this character is very supportive towards his son and he played a bubbly role considering the same, we couldn’t find any other name but Jaswinder Bhalla. We are sure that this is the only name which would have strike in your mind too.

jaswinder bhalla as anupam kher

5. Kuljeet – Parmeet Sethi played the role of Kuljeet, a villain in this movie. The character had no satisfying screen time but had a fighting scene with the lead male character. So this character will suit Kartar Cheema as both have similar physique and dialogue delivery.

kartaar cheema as Parmeet sethi

6. Lajwanti – Lajwanti’s character was played by Farida Jalal in DDLJ. The character was innocent with positive motherly nature. This character fits best with Sunita Dhir if anybody plans to make DDLJ in Punjabi.

sunita dhir as farida jalal

7. Ajit Singh – Ajit Singh was played by Satish Shah in the film. The character was fun-loving and the father of Kuljeet (Parmeet Sethi) who use to support his son in every situation. While thinking of this character we found B.N Sharma because of his looks and sense of humour.

BN sharma as Satish shah

So that’s it with this information in which we discussed the iconic role of DDLJ characters played by Punjabi artists. Hope you will also associate the same character in your mind, but if you think any other actor can play the role better, then leave your valuable comments.

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