Sidhu Mossewala & Deep Jandu entered the Reply Game.

For the past few days, social media is full of post and stories about ‘Mexico’ singer Karan Aujla & ‘Bamb Jatt’ singer Amrit Maan for their replies.

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Where Amrit Maan give reply to Karan Aujla and when Aujla replied then ‘Dhakka’ singer Sidhu Moosewala comes in the support of Amrit Maan and says that :

As we all know that Sidhu & Aujla are both in the competition from day 1.

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After the Sidhu Moosewala, the Music Producer Deep Jandu jump in and said that :

What do you think about this and tell us in the comment section that you are a fan of which artist? Do you like the online war between singers?

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