Is Sidhu Moosewala replying to Karan Aujla?

As we all know that Sidhu Moosewala is trending all over social media n youtube for his new release album MooseTape. The first song of the album was released on the 15th of May named “Bitch IM Back”.

After a day Karan Aujla announces his 1st album with Tru Skool and Speed Records named “ BacDafucUP”. As we all know about the controversy between both the artist and the start, we all know that Karan Aujla’s album name is a reply to Sidhu’s First Song.

Sidhu Moosewala’s second song of the album released yesterday on the 17th of May “Burberry”.

As Today Sidhu Moosewala’s coming with the surprise for his fans as he said in his Instagram story about that:

“UNFUCKWITHABLE” didn’t you feel that it’s a reply to Karan Aujla? If their word war is getting serious again this time what do you think about this?

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