The Symbolic Meaning for these Holi Colors

The festival of colours is round the corner. Yes, you are right. We are talking about Holi: the colours festival. It is a festival for Hindus. But anyone who celebrate, gather an array of brightly-coloured dry paint and throw handfuls at each other in the streets.

The aim is to get your target completely covered in paint. But what is the real significance of the colours of paint used? Every colour has a different meaning. Though we find every colour beautiful and put any colour on anyone. But before playing with dry colours, let’s have some knowledge and must be aware of what different colours mean.

Blue Color

Blue is supposed to symbolise Krishna, who is another incarnation of Vishnu. Krishna’s skin was dark blue because some demoness tried to poison him as a baby. After, He falls in love with Radha, but worries he will not like him because of his skin colour. Krishna’s mother suggests he paints Radha’s face blue, and he does this. Radha falls in love with him and they get married.
It is thought that this is where the colour festival comes from in the first place.

Red Color

Red symbolises passion, power, sensuality, fertility, auspiciousness, and strength. This colour is widely used during wedding ceremonies. An Indian bride traditionally opts for bright red wedding attire. Interestingly, the colour red is associated with Goddess Shakti (popularly known as Durga). This colour is also essential for activating the root chakra.

Saffron Color

Saffron, commonly referred to like orange, symbolises tranquillity, brightness and knowledge. It also means purity, and hence the ascetics opt for this colour. Moreover, Orange is the colour of the sun, which represents a new day. This loops back nicely to the aim of Holi- new beginnings and forgiveness.

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Green Color

In most cultures, green represents nature. In Hinduism, green links to Prince Rama- another manifestation of Vishnu- who spent most of his life vanished in the forest.

Moreover, In India, married women sometimes wear green bangles and saris to honour Rama, but widows never wear green. It makes sense that green symbolises life, new beginnings, harvest, and masculinity.

Yellow Color

Yellow is connected to turmeric, a yellow powder that is native to India. Tumeric is used across all Indian religions in cooking and as a natural remedy for inflammation. It is understandable. then, that yellow could represent health and happiness. Yellow is also related to Vishnu, who is almost always depicted dressed in the colour.

Other sources say that the colour symbolises knowledge, learning, and peace.

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Some other colours are Pink – the colour of caring and compassion
Purple – can symbolise magic and mystery

So, this is about the article and the meaning of colour for Holi. Hence, use the appropriate colour for your loved ones. See our website for more such content. Also, Don’t forget to connect with us on Social Media to stay updated with the latest trends and infotainments.
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