7 Things India Should be grateful to Punjabis for ‘Balle Balle-Shava Shava’

Whether you agree with it or not, Punjabis have contributed a lot to make India what it is now. From their food to culture, they have made sure to stand out and offer our country things that still can’t be compared with. So, here are few things India is grateful to Punjabis for.

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The Delicious Food

No no, you are wrong, Punjabi cuisine goes way beyond Butter Chicken and Naan. The buttery flavors of Sarson-ka-Saag with Makki-di-Roti are the staple food and the best food we are getting from Punjab. And when you get a Punjabi with a tad fat, he/ she will only say, ‘Hum Khaate Peete Ghar k Hai’.

The Yummilicious Lassi

The lip-smacking Lassi is the national drink of Punjabis. Be it Malai lassi, Mithi lassi, or Salted one. You will catch them with a big glass.

The Irresistible Patiala Peg

It’s not a small one or a big one, it’s a unique one. If you ever visit Punjab and you are an alcoholic then will never go back without having a Patiala peg. It is considered to be a synonym for bravado and masculinity. Want to make one, keep pouring until all eyebrows are raised!

The gorgeous Phulkari

Phulkari is not the traditional dupatta or saree of Punjab but now it is all over popular. First, it was traditional but now it is considered as one of the fashion outfits.

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The Great Lohri Celebration

It is considered the purest festival as Lohri marks the New Year for Punjabi farmers. On this day, the farmers pray and show gratitude for their crops before the harvesting begins and pray to Lord Agni to bless their land with abundance. And we also know Punjab is famous for its agriculture and land.

The funny and beautiful Punjabi Language

The Punjabi language is not only used in Punjabi Industry but is now used in Bollywood. The words they use are Kiddaan, khotte Da Puttar, Chakk De Phatte and many. The language is liked by everyone. Also one must learn Punjabi to become the coolest of all.

The Unforgettable Heer Ranjha

The love of Heer-Ranjha is inspirable as Romeo-Juliet. Though they were not together their love makes us together. They set the example in Punjab and to Punjabis.

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