Phulkari Dupattas you should add in your Wardrobe

If you are from Punjab or you love Punjabi traditional clothing, you must have listened to the famous embroidery of Punjab- Phulkari. Phulkari Dupattas give you the essence of Punjabi Culture. People may know simply about Phulkari Dupatta, Suits or shawls but do you know there are different types of Phulkari Embroidery. Let’s Know about varieties in Phulkari Embroidery. Read the article for more information.

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Phulkari is a traditional embroidery of Punjab. The word Phulkari suggests floral work on clothes. Phulkari Embroidery looks like a Flowery stitch and symmetrical patterns on the Fabric. Previously, Phulkari Embroidery contains real flowers but as time changed now, the use of colourful silk threads prevailed. The Silk thread craft on Cotton Fabric gives a vibrant look to Phulkari Embroidery.

In Old times when a girl child was born, the elder females of the family like a grandmother and others start embroidering phulkari. The reason behind this was to prepare plenty of Phulkari Embroidery suits and Dupatta for the future wedding of the girl. This Handwoven art of Phulkari was done by Females in their free time. As time flies, it becomes commercial and provided employment to people. Therefore, People choose Phulkari on any occasion, which you can use casually as well as at include in the wedding too. So, now let’s know about the different Phulkari Embroidery.

Varieties of Phulkari Embroidery you should add to your Wardrobe.

1. Bagh Phulkari

Bagh Phulkari Embroidery suggests the large garden of flowers. It has Heavy Embroidery work and used in Punjabi Weddings. It has a decorative design having many stitches on the whole fabric.

‘Vari da Bagh’ is a category of Bagh Phulkari which is of reddish and orange colour and it is made on during the birth of baby boy and later is given to boy’s wife in future during rituals. Furthermore, The Art of Mughal Gardens design is seen in Dilli Darwaza, Chaurasia Bagh and Shalimar Char Phulkari Embroidery. Chashm-e-Bulbul is a category of Bagh Phulkari in which the silk threads of white and yellow colour is spread from the centre and covers the whole fabric. Also, White Bagh Phulkaris are preferred by old women and widows whereas colourful Phulkari of Red, yellow, pink and orange colour are mostly used and worn by Young and married women.

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2. Chope Phulkari

Chope Phulkari Embroidery is used by Brides at the wedding. The triangular patterns are used in this. Warm colours are used in Chope Phulkari such as Red, Orange and Yellow to denote happiness, passion, radiance, love, desire, warmth, elegance etc. Plus, Chope Phulkari Dupatta is draped to the bride as to stay away and protect from ‘Evil Eye’ during the wedding. Also, It is given to the bride by her maternal grandmother as a sign of Love. Initially, the chope Phulkari was borderless to indicate endless love for the daughters. Chope Phulkaris are bigger in size than the normal Phulkari Dupatta.

3. Sainchi Phulkari

Sainchi Phulkari Embroidery is designed in a different way than the traditional Phulkari. Unlike the Symmetrical and Geometrical patterns, this Phulkari includes drawings of village life such as man working in a field, enjoying the meal, women doing household work etc. Natural drawing such as of bird-like sparrow, peacock and animals like elephant etc. Moreover, Punjab’s Romantic Legends i.e., folk characters like Sohni-Mahiwal, Sassi-punnu drawings. Sainchi Phulkari is Popular in Bathinda, Faridkot and Ferozepur of the Punjab region. Dark Colours are used in Sainchi Phulkari.

4. Neelak Phulkari

Neelak Phulkari Dupatta includes metallic colour borders. The main colours of neelak Phulkari are black, red, and yellow. Also, The Background colours of Neelak Phulkari are red and black and the Embroidery of silk thread colours are yellow and red. It also has metals along with the Embroidery.

5. Chhaamas phulkari

Chhaamas phulkari have mirrored work in addition to the traditional embroidery. Blue, grey and yellow colours are included in chhaamas phulkari. Sometimes mirrors are pasted to the Phulkari Dupattas. Furthre, The chhaamas phulkari dupattas can be drape on any occasion due to their vibrant colours. Chhaamas phulkari is popular in the South-eastern areas of Punjab. Delhi, Gurugram, Rohtak and Hisar are the areas where Chhaamas Phulkari is popular.

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Phulkaris are love of Punjabis. Punjabi Occasions are incomplete without Phulkari Suits or Dupattas. So, these were some famous embroideries of Phulkari you must include in your traditional clothing. See our website for more such content. Also, Don’t forget to connect with us on Social Media to stay updated with the latest trends and infotainments.
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