6 Wedding Outfits for our Singhs.

Wedding season is knocking on the door. When it comes to fashion and outfits, girls have more choices than boys. But, Men’s fashion is equally important. As they don’t have abundant options like females while choosing outfits. But they rock well as well even with limited access. Today we will get to know about different outfits for Indian men, especially for the Sardars. With well tied Turban and a Good sense of fashion, you will rock with your Sardari Look at Upcoming Weddings. Read the full article for more information.

Here’re 6 Wedding Outfits for Sardars.

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1. Nehru Jacket.

wedding outfits for sardar
nehru coat
ammy virk

Nehru Jacket will give you a classy look. Also, you will feel comfortable in this outfit. Wear a Nehru jacket either with a black or white shirt to give it a more classy look. You can wear Formal Pants or Jeans too. The Colour of your turban should be similar to the Nehru jacket.

2. Double Breasted Suit.

wedding outfits for sardar
rajvir jawanda
double breastred blazer

Double Breasted Suit will give you a royal look at a wedding. Wear Tie with the Blazer. The Outfit contains A blazer, Formal Shirt and Formal Pant. The Outfit is heavy due to the Blazer. But, it will enhance your personality.

3. Three Piece Suit.

wedding outfits for sardar
tarsem jassar
three piece suit

In this three-piece suit, you will have Blazer, Vest Coat, Plain formal Shirt and Formal Pant. It is will give you a dashing look. It is more comfortable than the Double-breasted suit. In the accessory, you can wear a watch to look more classy.

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4. Tuxedo Suit.

wedding outfits for sardar
tuxedo coat

Tuxedo Suits are best for the reception party at night. You will look more handsome and charming in this look. Don’t forget to wear a Bow Tie with a formal suit. Your outfit will have a different spark than the other outfits.

5. Bandh Gala Suit.

bandh gala blazer
wedding outfits for sardar
ranjit bawa

You will get a Traditional look by wearing BandhGala Suit. You can wear Pant and the BandhGala Suit of the same colour or in contrasting colours. But, Make sure the Contrasting colours should be complementary colours. If there is a wedding of your family member then you should opt for the same colour pant as the suit. It will give a more elegant look to your whole outfit.

6. Single-button Blazer.

wedding outfits for sardar
rohanpreet and neha kakkra
single button blazer

This Single-button Blazer will give you a more formal look than the other outfits. You can wear a tie with a blazer. If you are not much comfortable with a tie, you should skip them. You don’t have to buy a special blazer for this outfit. Simply you have to exclude your vest coat from the three-piece suit. And, this outfit will be ready.

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So, these were some Wedding Outfits for Sardar men. With perfectly tied Turbans and by trying these Outfits, you will definitely rock this wedding season. That was all about the article we want to share with you.

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