“I Quit Social Media when people started Bullying Me”, Says Chetna Singh

RJ turned Actress Chetna Singh, never want to be an actor. She dropped out of college and pursues Mass Communication. She gave auditions for theatre and got selected. Ms Singh started doing theatres and youth fest during her graduation. A girl inspired by her batch-mate that is Karan Sandhwalia who is known as Lucky in Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree. His hard work gave her light.

Moreover, she was RJ for two good years and then did a lead role in Zee Punjabi Serial ‘Tu Patang Mai Dor’ in which she was bullied by the audience. Also, the actress is currently working in Serial ‘Udaariyan’

Here’s the inside scoop on this amazing Actress.

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Fashion for you

Comfort like pyjamas

Passionate about


Love for

I am a big foodie, i can always munch on Golgappe, Chaat, Wrap or Achari Chaamp.

Fitness means

Everything to me. I don’t believe in procrastination when it comes to fitness. As it says, ‘Kal Kare so aaj kar’

Biggest pet peeve

I do not listen to stupid things. Also, my sarcasm doesn’t stop when their nonsense starts.

Annoying habit

I am not a text person, as I am not good at sending messages. Whenever someone calls me or I want to give a message to them, I either pick their call or call them back but never text them.

Weirdest thing a fan has done for you

When I was RJ, one of my fans sends me a suit a couple of times which was worth Rs. 20,000, but it was the company’s policies not to accept a gift so I returned it. Also, from the address, I got to know that it came from Patiala Region.

Clothes are craze

Not much, I am not at all shopaholic. For me, shopping is the most irritating thing. As I like hanky panky, loose clothing so you can always see me I wired pyjamas.

Comfort wear is

Pyjamas obviously, I feel breathless in jeans.

Collection call

Jhumkas forever love. I have around 300 to 400 pairs of Jhumka and if I like any pair of earrings then I don’t even see its price I just by them. Also, I prefer junk jewellery or Rajasthani jhumkas.

To Die for

The people who stood for me.

Relation with Karan Sandhwalia

We both become siblings to each other and always think of our future. After a great year of struggle, I got to work on a short film with the help of Karan and Pukhraj Bhalla, The film was directed by Rabby Tiwana. The film ‘Dhee Da Siwa’ got many awards.

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Your first assignment

One take short film ‘Dhee Da Siwa’ by Rabby Tiwana

Plan B

If not RJ or Actor then I will open my roadside achari champ stall. (Lol)

Big blessing

People in my life. As they are very few, specially Rohit Handa my co-actor in ‘Tu Patang Mai Dor’ who is now my finance and Karan Sandhawalia, who is my brother and best friend.

Turning point

When I was doing Radio Jockey, then I realised that I am not made for this, I want to do acting as suddenly, I got a call at night and the ole who called took my interview and select me, and the very next day I was in between Chandigarh and doing the shoot. That’s really a turning point for me.

What sorts of project you will be seeking in future

Till now, I am not doing any project. I am on break for a month. Even I take a break from my current show ‘Udaariyan’

If not on set where can we find you the most?

Chopatis or Nik Bakers.

Real inspiration

Karan Sandhawalia

Dream project

Every project is a dream project for me. Either it’s a small one or a big one. I work hard and take it as a challenge. Moreover, I want to be in Punjabi movies as a lead actress.

Struggle faced in Life

After my short film, I get motivated and believes in miracle, unfortunately, I didn’t get work for another 2-3 years. Things getting vanished, and as I was fat, so I dropped the idea of acting. I have seen a lot of ups and downs in life but when God is with you nothing can stop. Then again I took an internship in FM. But I didn’t get any work afterwards. While studying I got an offer for a media fest for writing Radio Script which by fate listened to RJ Ikwinder, then I got a job in her place as she got retired. During this time I got an offer from the Punjabi web series Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree. But my bad that I can’t make it. Then again I wish to work in the next season which I had an opportunity to play a character in the second season but I couldn’t do it and I regret that.

Rejections and delays often break one’s confidence. Did you ever break down?

Lot many times. Every time I started doing something, something goes wrong in future. Especially when I was replaced for my recent serial, then I got many bad comments from people. The audience was not accepting me, they abuse me and use filthy language, so I lose my confidence and shut down my Instagram. After this, I explained to myself that I have to buckle up and do this at cost, but after some time, everyone showers their love and starts accepting me in the role.

Describe yourself in three to five words

Chatterbox, an open book, an old friend and big-time foodie.

Message to your fans

Thank you for your love and support. If I look fat then also keep loving me. I will work hard more for you all.

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So, that’s it with this interesting conversation with Chetna Singh, stay in touch to know more about other artists. Hope you like this conversation with Chetna aka Zarina from ‘Tu Patang Mai Dor’. Leave a comment and let us know which artist you want to read about next.

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